Will medical and electoral blockchains also be hacked?


Will new social networks built on blockchain protect your ownership of followers' data? If security remains an undervalued concern, hackers will most likely steal your followers as easily as legacy platforms suspend your accounts.

After thirteen years of impeccable usage of my personal twitter account, it was permanently suspended. Pointing out scams from crypto advertisers is detrimental to revenue generation of social platforms depending on hype.

Medical history and electoral records are supposed to provide use cases for blockchain. Transactions may be accurately traceable, but there is no incentive to prosecute hackers experienced in taking those medical or electoral records from you.

Constitutionally protected freedom of speech threatens greed of hackers, as well as developers of extravagant software with no use case. First they block you from individual chat groups. Then they hack your wallets and steal your cryptocurrencies. Finally they block your entire networks so that fake news is not contested.

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Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

El mechurrio en acción. Fotografía Zulima González