Venezuela dialogs in Mexico in support of Chevron


World Bank published estimates and projections regarding gross domestic product of the Venezuelan economy. Sustained growth is seen from the lows of 2020, that would be enjoyed throughout this decade. Ceasing US sanctions against Chevron's interests in Venezuela will speed up our return to international markets. GDP figures in billions of nominal U.S. dollars.

Sanctions against Chevron will be lifted between November 28 and 30, 2022, since the current authorization for restricted operations in Venezuela expires on December 1. The United States only requires political tourism recipients to provide a lavish photograph to the media, as proof of attendance at a hastily convened Mexico dialogue session this weekend.

Venezuelan citizens will most likely vote in the next elections for exogenous candidates. We will choose anyone who is not endorsed by any of these failed politicians, proficient in nourishing their personal coffers through dialogue and humanitarian aid.

It is said that Islam conquers Europe through the wombs of its women. It is not Islam's fault that Christianity encourages abortion and birth control. Almost a thousand years have passed since the crusades, and our xenophobia has not improved at all.

Cryptocurrencies turned out to be a horrendous fraud that must be punished. Bitcoins stolen from Mt Gox account holders have not been returned after a decade. Federal Reserve must continue to raise interest rates until all crypto speculators go bust.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela