Upgrading commercial registries after bust


Citizens expect to know record of support for sanctions in each presidential candidate. It will be convenient to rule out presidential candidacies that hinder lifting of sanctions. A diversity of candidates nominated by primaries, others by consensus, and some independents will be generated. Candidates who condition lifting of sanctions will be repudiated, if their partisan organizations are not favored electorally.

Political rivalries do not occupy center of attention of the electorate. Economic agents are busy in our ventures. Commercial registries nationwide experience delays in the legal review of minutes and assemblies, due to the increase in the volume of documentation that is submitted to them. Process of sending online applications has been successful, in the medium term a decrease in informal economic activity is expected. It will be convenient for registries and notaries to invest in artificial intelligence, in support of routine reviews of documents carried out by their workforce.

Drop in GDP was several fiscal years ago. There are signs of a change in trend, now sustained growth is appreciated. It is likely that Venezuela in 2023 will help increase dismal average low growth for the rest of Latin America, projected to barely 1.5%. In contrast, the growth projection for Venezuela is closer to 11% given the international oil situation, favorable for our interests.

Decline in educational performance in the Americas has been atrocious, lower achievements in learning Mathematics, English and Spanish are reported than in previous times. In the case of the educational company that I preside over, despite all the publicity and academic excellence of the teachers, there is a disinterest in the students to pay tuition, and there is an obvious disinterest in the teachers to work for free.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

Fotografía Mónica Valbuena. 40 Grados Bajo el Sol