U.S. legal system unmatched for addressing challenges


America will not collapse despite wishes from adversaries. Department of Justice is producing clear guidelines regarding the future of international digital commerce, while other countries are at the absolute mercy of pirates.

Federal Reserve is attacking root causes of inflation, without hesitation, despite voices of doom interested in printing free money. Digital Dollar will launch to prevent speculative cryptocurrencies from returning to highs.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) leads definitions and differences between commodities and securities. Remaining countries at International Community will have to adapt to these new laws that are just being drafted.

Short term distractions are being noticed: Migrants on U.S. soil are kidnapped in the midst of political rivalries, and flown to remote out-of-state destinations, by dillapidating in-state tax collections for criminal purposes.

Governors DeSantis and Abbott should suffer electoral setbacks following mishandling of immigrants. As they do not have the capacity to deport, they use interstate commerce in conditions not provided for by the constitution.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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