Soken & Solidproof concerned about Gnox


Audit of gnox smart contract remains elusive. Similarly to Soken, Solidproof finds it possible to set fees up to 100% and lock the contract with this behavior. Project owner must change contract and resubmit for auditing. Might be too little, too late.

KYC refusal by auditors remains significant. As suspicions of prior criminal activity unfold, how may authorities reach Gnox? Novos has no physical address, Soken cancelled, and Solidproof is not participating in any know your customer procedures.

Once again, Gnox smart contract in its current form bears so extreme risk that no auditor would encourage or certify. If Gnox team were to modify its smart contract, advertised claims on defi aggregator and functionality of treasury would be downsized.

Both Soken and Solidproof are efficient auditors. They actually deliver in warning crypto communities about possible scam. According to both auditors, Gnox retains ability to set fees up to 100% and lock contracts. Thus ownership must be renounced.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela