Soken disclaims audit; Novos unreachable


Money laundering rumors are added to financial and technological inconsistencies, which are the subject of internatiomal law enforcement investigations on gnox behavior. Novos remains unreachable through its fake California address and lack of email or phone contacts.

Soken Team recently disclaimed their formerly positive audit. Overwhelming recent evidence from gnox demands further investigation. More stringent know your customer requirements are overdue. Defi must get rid of widespread crime to become globally viable.

As criminal suspicions unfold, investors seeking fabulous returns are urged to reexamine their ethical values. Is it worth increasing one's equity at the expense of widespread social calamity? Why do we continue tolerating secrecy for owners of sites such as gnox?

Meanwhile, the business of recruiting followers into the gnox cult seeks to urgently replace investors who dared questioning too much. It is premature to assess the damage directly inflicted to investors, and indirectly suffered by broader crypto community.

"A smart contract audit is not financial advice. Always DYOR. During the audit of @gnox_io, the owner-privileged functionality was detected within the contract. At that point, the contract behaviour completely depends on the intentions of the owner.

Also, project owners did not use the audited contracts during the presale and we warn investors to double-check the correctness of the contract address before investing. Please, avoid investing in high-risk projects." (Soken Team, August 2nd, 2022)

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela