Seeking value as dumping unfolds


Widespread collapse threatens mismanaged industries and ideologies. We were told that cryptographic assets would save us from evils made by government, so we get no one to bail us out of rushed scam investments at non compliant, unaudited platforms.

Libertarian ideology is increasingly related to criminal impunity. Advertisers of ultimate freedom are in the business of protecting delinquent secrets. Despising a world government effectively reduces standards for cooperation between national agencies.

Old fashioned procedures for maintaining business continuity, including periodic transactions with your local lawyer, accountant, banking representative, and commercial registry, will distinguish legitimacy from fakeness. Capital will flow back to sane entrepreneurship.

Venezuela's domestic banking transfers, both traditional and through cell phone Pago Móvil innovation, are immediate and adequate. No cryptocurrencies are needed for payments. United States Federal Reserve launch of Fed Now in 2023 should provide similar convenience.

Pancakeswap, FTX and most crypto asset custodians remain on hold of a significant portion of the world's hard worked savings. Such addictive, deceiving industries must be made accountable for syphoning resources from productive endeavors elsewhere.

Most traditional banks post recent audited balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows. Crypto asset platforms conceal such information. What amount does Tether hold on deposit at reputable institutions to back up USDT? Why is Binance so suddenly outspoken?

World's elders agree on diminished eduactional achievements of younger generations. Our offspring become increasingly illiterate in languages and mathematics. Our species chooses extreme ease, to the benefit of flashy industries in the business of gambling us away.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

Noche de Brujas. Fotografía José Gregorio Hernández. 40 Grados Bajo el Sol