Scam Gnox owner in hiding


Scams such as as gnox (and other recruiters for souls yearning riches) are of high magnitude and complexity. They must increase audiences fast to compensate for dellusioned followers anxious to get their money back. Presale victims are expected to dump upon launch.

Luck only works in the short run. Eventually truth prevails and punishes those depending on constant luck to survive. Gnox promises easy money in exchange of absolute compliance. Chatter about selling their token is forbidden in their communication channels.

Gnox sounds interestingly flashy. Its discourse reminds populist politicians who cleverly ask for votes during next election. They are fearful of betrayal, once you buy their token you are expected to hold forever. Selling it fast will lead you to better investments.

Secrecy of gnox team is suspicious to investors who wish to clearly investigate the motives behind apparently gracious sources of income. It is impossible to discover identity of owners. Tradable securities are supposed to supply relevant information for investors.

Thousands of deceived early investors are anxiously waiting for the first available opportunity to dump gnox tokens, acquired during presales through questionable, deceiving marketing tactics. Fast unloading will encourage sudden depreciation once marketing ends.

Most supply is already taken by presale holders, who are supposed to never sell. Rewards are supposed to arrive hourly in extra gnox tokens as result of sales tax. If holding mantra is succesful there would be no sale rewards. Staking seems more profitable.

Gnox plan is designed to condition profitability through extreme worship of its token. Sellers and fudders become pariahs to be exterminated from the unbreachable path. So blatantly positive advertising invites extra suspicion. Crash alert in no time!

Solidproof audit specifies that ownership is not renounced, and provides no know your customer certification. Investors have no idea on who is in charge of this project and their motivation. Previous Soken audit states that Gnox remains under investigation.

Growing crowds yearn for no government, but decentralized financing cannot be left at the mercy of scammers. Gnox case teaches us that there is a sound foundation for requiring tokens to be treated as securities, leading to extensive owner disclosure requirements.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela