Recession through international law enforcement


Binance service of providing free transfers of stablecoins to another profile based on your international friend's email address has become the only use case of cryptocurrency. Everything else seems a scam.

Margin trading wipes out shorts. Collateralized loans wipe out longs. Smart contracts contained in airdrops compromise wallet seed phrases, effectively depleting supposedly high yields into total loss of capital.

Hard to find small caps inequivocally yell that cryptocurrencies are investment securities with probable risk of loss. Through hype advertising, world's people become addicted to gambling.

Why are we cluttered with so many blockchains? What is the use of transaction details? There is no willingness to use such details in enforcing punishments to hackers and fake news spammers.

United States Federal Reserve remains the only sober institution in a drunken planet. I pray for Jerome Powell and Fed regional chairmen, so that they endure impopularity for fighting inflation through interest rate rises.

Bear market rallies are unsustainable. They promote an illusion of growth that is fueled by scams. It is no coincidence that third quarter 2022 already loooks ripe to pulverize previous records on fraud reporting.

World Trade Organization, International Criminal Court, World Bank, Interpol, International Monetary Fund are flagship institutions of globalization. They must commit to hastily adapt legislation procedures to combat theft by cryptocurrency secrecy criminals.

Tokens must be classified as securities. They are clearly issued to raise capital through profit and loss schemes to investors. Ownership credentials from any project must consequentially be made available to the public.

Secrecy of bitcoin founders should no longer remain classified. Cybercriminals use censorship of legally identified objectors. Unlawful narrative of confidentiality for crypto securities is being imposed. Investigations to recover funds lost or stolen shall no longer be obstructed.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

Downtown Maracaibo. Photography by Rafael