Paradox on censorship & xenophobia


There are mixed feelings about xenophobia. In Venezuela we are xenophobic against Cubans, Iranians, Chinese and Russians, but we are friends of people of those nationalities when they managed to settle in the United States. Of course in every country there are all kinds of people. Jair Bolsonaro says that we will all die one day, he dismisses the covid pandemic, and argues that Brazil should exclude the GLBT community. His comment is homophobic and offensive to a significant Brazilian and international minority.

Vox in Spain, and some instances of the Republican party in the US, usually emit hateful and xenophobic comments on Twitter. These contents violate terms and conditions of use accepted by those who voluntarily agree to maintain accounts on that social network. Parler brags about promoting free speech and freedom from censorship, but they block access to accounts created by Biden sympathizers. Let's not just blame traditional media for censoring, as alternative media also silence those who violate their conditions and terms of use.

Rubén Rivero Capriles

Caracas, Venezuela

Fotografía Zulima González @mazuly , 40 Grados Bajo el Sol

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