Panic unfolds at Gnox telegram community


@RoccoX12 remains unreachable. His cult followers have not read anything from him over a week. Gnox token price prints fresh all time lows. Slow rug pull develops as orderly as predicted two months ago. Complainers should contact authorities now.

Pancakeswap arrogantly dismisses accusations of fraud. Its cake token boasts recent gains. DeFi scammers continue stealing the world's people's money. Through money laundering new jobs are created, while reputable crypto platforms trim personnel.

Bitcoin becomes as inflationary as any emerging market currency. Prices denominated in satoshis must be raised on a weekly basis. Businesses stuck with crypto accounting foster inflation to preserve value of products and services sold.

Crypto celebrities boast obscene, wasteful lifestyles while failing to pay taxes for embellishment of cities where they live. Advertising concentrates on forcing blockchain delusions, with no use case beyond scams and obstruction of justice.

Laissez faire capitalism is increasingly proven as an excuse for thieves and money launderers to hide their identity. An increasingly unified world government is needed for arresting criminals. No investment is worth breaking the law.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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