Pancakeswap holds no locked gnox liquidity


Independent audits do not tolerate that consumers already spent our money and hold no tokens. We are shown instead a promise of airdrop payment on gnox dashboard.

There is no certainty that gnox tokens will ever be transacted through pancakeswap. There is no proof from pancakeswap, they claim there is currently no liquidity available from gnox.

Shouldn't investors funds, converted into gnox tokens, be locked in pacakeswap during 1 year at liquidity pool? Gnox team has already collected most customer presale funds.

What guarantee do investors have that their funds will become available for withdrawal? Gnox has already spent a lot of money in advertising and there might not be much equity left.

Gnox investment is today a disaster. A few weeks ago a token was worth 0.00000084 bitcoin. It has now decreased to 0.00000069 bitcoin. That is 18% depreciation. No moon at all.

I did not expect Soken to act so quickly and conclusively in revoking KYC for gnox. They might soon share further details of additional risks, still undisclosed to unwary investors.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela