Novos has no person certifying Gnox


Soken KYC was withdrawn because gnox team was uncooperative with security requests. Novos KYC site is just three weeks old, its California address leads nowhere, its domain data points to Russia. Novos does not have a person behind it to address consumer complaints.

Investors should refrain from linking hot wallets, which already contain other coins, with gnox site. Other coins should be transferred to another wallet. Soken warns gnox smart contracts contain owner privileged functionality that increase risk of fraudulent activity.

Advertising industry shall also be accountable for promoting scams such as gnox. Thorough investigations are overdue against every single website publication misleading consumers into faulty investments. Fake news media scammers shall be prosecuted, along with gnox.

If pancakeswap refrains from listing gnox on their site, what path is available for current gnox investors to recover funds? Which authorities should be warned about this case? Previous crypto scams resulted in some compensation after extensive litigation.

Investors deposited assets to wallets of Gnox Team in exchange of gnox tokens that haven't been released. Will gnox be available on pancakeswap on August 18? No liquidity is shown on their side. Has pancakeswap approved gnox application to list token there?