might Solidproof kyc audit Gnox ?


Soken disclaimed gnox. Novos is unknown, thus unable to certify. Neither solidproof nor pancakeswap have emitted official communication confirming affiliation or business relationship with gnox. Investors are at mercy of the secret team.

Soken certified gnox long ago, when token supply was still in the billions. Recent weeks provided overwhelming evidence that made them cancel kyc. Audit was disclaimed because gnox persistently failed to apply recommendations by soken.

If gnox did have a case, they would counter daily independent media coverage of their scam. They remain unable to counter prosecution hypotheses, so they choose to stay quiet, while hoping scandal will miraculously fade out.

Advertised solidproof kyc and audit, both unconfirmed, remain as ultimate hope for the fate of controversial gnox token. Audits cannot be published overnight, they must now consider police cases that have been filed in various countries.

It is likely that auditing companies would prefer to stay out of controversies inherent in certifying gnox. Solidproof is being marketed as a gateway of last resort. Solidproof actually issues disclaimers for companies it has never audited.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela