Methodical rebuttal of Gnox claims


Gnox scam seems big, with many people involved indirectly. No one with stakes is willing to speak out. Advertisements have methodically been rebutted, one by one, each costs thousands of dollars. Online media sites depend on scams to generate cash flow.

Ethereum and Cardano are led by such celebrities as Vitalik Buterin and Charles Hoskinson. Accountability can promptly be transferred. No one has yet been informed on the identity or academic, technological and moral qualifications of Vanessa at Gnox.

Tokens don't trade in strict tandem. While mirroring bitcoin's fate, some become household names, while others are dismissed as scams and lose an excess of 99% of their value. Tokens launched at pancakeswap, such as gnox, require guaranteed extreme rewards.

A case may be made for gnox launch at pancakeswap to become investors' last chance to break even or book a small loss. Several years could ellapse, with gnox token equilibrium price close to zero, as credibility scandals and controversies continue to arise.

Less risky profits can be made investing elsewhere. Two or three months of deposits locked at gnox have opportunity cost of not staking something safer. Binance offers 55% to 70% annual returns on BNB and AXS: as close to safe haven as you could get.

Eventually consumers will back away from doing business with hidden entities. Indeed, consumers already disclose our identity for everything. Our lives are on the cloud. Accountability is required for gnox claiming to be worthy custodian of your funds.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela