Legacy of gnox scam


Relief must be provided to gnox investors who just discover their money was deposited into scam. Police investigations will be conducted during several weeks. There is unconfirmed chatter about trading token in pancakeswap. No investor has received gnox airdrop.

Gnox continues its quest for any auditing or identity certification. Vendors of such services will earn immediate press scrutiny. They must comply with identity disclosure requests from law enforcement authorities in Europe, United Kingdom and North America.

Investors who got scammed into gnox rely on promises that tokens will eventually be airdropped. If gnox trading at pancakeswap ever becomes available, panic selling is expected to offload excess supply held by victims of gnox advertising bombardments.

Gnox scandal should deploy fresh global guidelines and enforceable standards of conduct for future cryptocurrency presales. Investors should be taught to refuse dealing with criminals, hidden through erroneous interpretation of know your customer legal loopholes.

Unethical teams get rich while communities seldom thrive. As legacy from gnox scam, renounced ownership should become prerequisite for token issuances in cryptospace. Exchanges are cluttered with thousands of worthless tokens that ruin investors.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela