Is @RoccoX12 Eric or Vanessa at Gnox?


In the dark web, it was suggested Gnox would physically harm anyone who would sell. People entrusted their hard earned money to RoccoX12 who fears displaying his eyes, even in an avatar. He won't reply to messages either.

RoccoX12 constantly expels investors out of Gnox telegram and discord groups whenever a heated discussion arises. Widespread belief that kyc on him is insufficient bodes poorly on his unverifiable work experience.

RoccoX12 has no verifiable team to satisfy either Soken or Solidproof on KYC for Gnox. Both auditors highlight setback that smart contract ownership is unrenounced. Community is denied access to code verifications or improvements.

Babymusk rugpull on Pancakeswap earlier this year was made by flagged address. Rugpulls are transitioning to a pool of coins offering liquidity farms. Hack on my funds, by same flagged address, included proceeds I made by selling Gnox.

Both Gnox and Pancakeswap seem to be involved, there are always major issues on launch days. My rugpulled investment was all this year's savings. We are dealing with cybercriminals. Neither RoccoX nor ChefSnowball abide by law.

Why would anyone hold investment from companies that are not transparent and whose owners are unknown? Why do they fail to insure customers' funds due as their security is faulty? They are interested in perpetuating scams forever.

Pancakeswap investments are attached to wallets that, contrary to popular belief, are highly insecure and get often compromised. Passwords and seed phrases are routinely retrieved by hackers. General public is scammed.

ChefSnowball remains liable for poor performance of Pancakeswap Router security during Babymusk rugpull. He failed to flag a delinquent wallet address that now chooses to deplete my funds, immediately after I swapped my Gnox.

Metamask wallets have a greater percentage of hacking than other vendors. Social media is abundant on fake Metamask recovery scam experts. Binance Chain consistently generates news of scam token launches. Not bullish.

Gnox Chat Moderators, per instructions from RoccoX12 highly recommend newcomers to install Metamask rather than more secure wallets. Had I chosen another wallet, it would have been harder to lose investment by hacking.

RoccoX12 had two months to investigate my wallet, along with my contact email and phone number. It was easy to coordinate with any Pancakeswap Chef to monitor transactions I made after I sold Gnox. All within minutes.

Expert decentralized finance users are accustomed to secure wallets, but the bulk of Gnox investors installed Metamask and may watch their funds disappear at any time. We must take conscious steps to stop mafia from stealing our money.

Hacker address that depleted both Babymusk and then me, was reported as a fraudulent address 4 months ago. Why is it still active? Why does nobody at Pancakeswap or Binance Chain support investigating recurring fraud? Are we afraid?

Mafia must be summoned to return my money back. Any company displaying avatars in lieu of professional profiles of their leadership, are in the business of hiding money laundering crimes. Do not let them continue scamming the world.

There is no way Gnox or Pancakeswap would increase reputation until security, compliance and identification issues are solved to the satisfaction of generally accepted accounting and legal principles. Blocking customers who complain won't help.

Fud is valid: Fear of mafia, Uncertainty of recovering funds, Dellusion of fake marketing. Crypto consumers are unprotected. Scams are routinely reported and nobody solves anything. This time there will be legal consequences.

Pancakeswap declines responsibility in scams because, according to them, people should never swap airdrop tokens. Their business model relies on customers swapping anything in their platform for gas fees. They need scam for profit.

Recurring rugpull are big case, involving various crypto ecosystems. Most of them refuse to cooperate on the excuse of privacy. It should be unacceptable for this planet to continue letting mafia run away from accountability. Scam victims deserve justice.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela