Is it fashionable to harass Qatar or Venezuela?


Xenophobes have cursed the World Cup in Qatar throughout the year, despite a colorful show of tolerance offered during opening ceremonies. A handful of countries promote themselves as inquisitors of other cultures, to the point of morally sanctioning Qatar's enviable economy.

Doha looks like a fabulous city. We Venezuelans should humbly recognize that we made mistakes, preventing us to benefit from our OPEC founding membership. Our clever partners did not waste either time and wealth. Arabs learned how to sow petroleum.

Back to Venezuela, Guaidó should explain the accounting of public resources managed during his interim government. His adventures should receive similar legal treatment as Bankman Fried of FTX is subject today. Both have managed widely defrauding organizations.

Venezuelan companies require emphasis in recent improvement in diplomatic and commercial relations with sister Colombia. In order obtain profitability in globalization, it is necessary to increase international sales and expand regional market share in the Americas.

During 2014 and 2017, protests were organized in Venezuela where unsuspecting citizens were summoned to serve as cannon fodder, to generate new political prisoners. Sectors unfavored by public opinion took on the task of stimulating sanctions.

Companies in Venezuela see their possibilities of generating income and economic development diminished. Hypocritical countries harassing Qatar's culture should immediately cease economic sanctions against Venezuela. Please stop discriminating countries at random.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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