Investor asks Gnox to renounce ownership


As token burns are completed and static maximum supply on chain has been reached, Investor Taperj suggests gnox should renounce ownership, so that no one can creates rug pull by drawing tokens back from null address used for the burns.

After renouncing ownership, development may still be possible through contract manager, which may render coins static to stop minting ability or prevent pulling back from null addresses. Gnox however refuses to renounce ownership.

Due to prior projects that have been pulled from null address, another project announced today decision to renounce ownership to protect investors, since coin structure would never have to change again. Gnox refuses to follow through.

No top tier auditor seems eager to either kyc or certify gnox. Controversial team relies on intransigent censorship against community members exercising freedom or speech, while marketing floods aim to mislead newcomers before lies get uncovered.

Gnox hastily claims they are audited by @SolidProof_io . No such audit is posted on solidproof site. Gnox is eager to instruct solidproof about which wording should exactly be reported. Would solidproof issue a truly independent audit report?

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela