Inflation must be removed at any cost


As real interest rates become less negative and inefficient companies exit the market, those accustomed to free money will exert power to remove meritocratic policy makers. Inflation devastates countries economies. It must be stopped at any cost.

Stopping inflation in Venezuela during the early 1990s, through our last responsible IMF-approved austerity package, cost Carlos Andrés Pérez presidency. Suddenly appeared populist, economically illiterate Hugo Chávez, who brought hyperinflation.

Voters do not wish to learn Macroeconomics. Voters do not wish to be reminded that overconsumption is addictive to needless wants. Populists are succesful in exploiting instant gratification and will exert pressure to oust pain without offering remedy.

It does not matter if the stock market crashes. It does not matter if crypto ponzis are succesfully shorted back to zero. Too many decades of easy consumption brought little value and even less skills. Recessions are great for reassessing priorities.

Food, health and education were sectors usually crowded out by big tech. The most irrelevant businesses were awarded funding, while everyday's investment needs were ignored. Removing inflation will provide everyday citizens with real store of value.

Nominal interest rates are still lower than inflation. Hikes so far have not resulted in restrictive monetary policy yet. We must get back to the good old times when you deposited money at insured banks, and were actually awarded real interest.

Consumers are desperate for yield and become prey of relentless marketing by cryptocurrency industry. We must not surrender our legal right to sue anonymous developers who steal our property. Blockchains must learn to reverse transactions.

Lowering inflation is crucial for succesfully competing against crypto industry's frauds, scams, identity thefts, money laundering. Anonimity for criminals is imposed into us as a new world order value. Greatest pain must be suffered by hoarders and hodlers.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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