Gnox token loses 20% in bitcoin value


Gnox advertising budget suffers restrictions. In previous days it was necessary to spend most waking time counteracting every fake news ad. Number of accounts interested in keeping this topic as trending decreased. Contents of remaining ads sound desperately bullish.

Gnox tokens bought a month ago at 84 satoshi suffer 20% depreciation. At current price of 67 satoshis, there is pending loss of 17 satoshis per gnox token, with no signs of recovery. Quick unloading of any gnox holdings is expected, whenever sell prohibition gets lifted.

Constant comparisons of Gnox with well established crypto assets have become repetitively boring. No reliable information has ever been provided on the identity of team owners. No path for unloading these depreciating, tax intensive tokens has been announced.

Freedom of Speech is utterly prohibited in Gnox moderated communities. Chatter must exclusively address the topic of ever increasing price. Vows must be made to never sell tokens and never take profits. Any betrayal to team sanctity will raise bannable alarms.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela