Gnox technicalities remain mysterious


Gnox presale phase 2 was sold out because a number of publications displayed paid releases overemphasizing token features and underestimating risks and concerns. Phase 3 will warn newcomers not to buy, so that orderly flashcrash may develop at launch.

Gnox implores you to buy and hold its token, rest would be done for you by team of DeFi analysts. Identity of such mysterious team remains undisclosed. Soken KYC is insufficient to issue an authoritative opinion on trading qualifications of analysts.

63% gnox price increase occurred entirely during first phase. Second phase provided a modest 3% increase in dollar terms, and a noticeable 17% depreciation against bitcoin. Sustained rate of decrease in daily sales is observed during this third phase.

Gnox team relies exclusively on a single know your customer report, on just a single member of staff, from one specific audit; & a contract with details unavailable on github. Refrain from asking any further questions. Any fud might bankrupt this weak coin.

Investors don't clamor to get into Gnox. To the contrary, Gnox clamors investors to inject funds into their questionable cash flow. If all coins were sold its market cap would be a meager 2 million dollars, an easily affordable amount for whales to afford.

Satisfaction deteriorates regarding Gnox customer service. During ten days, Investor Rajesh Kumar has pointed out issue of 2 million extra tokens being displayed as available for sale on dashboard. Team refuses to update supply from 60 to 58 million tokens.

Investor Nazif Eren reports gnox team deletes questions without answering. Is there anything they are afraid in terms of security? They gladly receive all payments and angrily ban whover they label as fudder. Asking for information became bannable offence.

No technicalities are made available about gnox defi protocol. Details to help customers choose between staking, holding or selling remain undefined. Overexpectations parallel firepin disastrous performance. Ownership is not renounced by mysterious team.

Rubén Rivero Capriles

Caracas, Venezuela