gnox shuts site down after presale


After collecting millions through relentless global spam, gnox site shuts down. Investors have been expelled from telegram and discord groups. Investors have been blocked from twitter feeds. Ultimate Novos certified opportunity vanishes at single point of failure.

Rugpull was always in the cards. After Soken revoked its know your customer service, Novos hastily came to temporarily rescue public relations of gnox. Which procedures should investors request to get their money back? Theft has already occurred.

According to press releases, gnox was supposed to outshine any previous cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has never shut down in a decade and half of continuous operation. Gnox is unreachable. Novos must act and turn this scam to authorities now.

Phase 1 burn from billions of tokens, to just a few million, should have raised early red flags. Gnox Monetary Policy removed zeros from total supply in the manner of hyperinflationary countries rewriting worthless currencies. Novos must explain what's going on.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela