Gnox scams and blocks investors


Gnox earns no organic reviews. Everything you read about it is either paid advertising (as specified in disclaimers by various publishers), or written specifically by me, through my own and verifiable experiences with that platform. Risks remain undisclosed.

Warning Signs: Zero presence on Github. Sophisticated landing page with punchy words but no real data. Cookie-cutter roadmaps, too much in the pipeline. Scammers will use fake or no identities at all. Team members have no LinkedIn/Github presence.

Investors have already paid gnox for tokens which look increasingly difficult to sell. Gnox team fails to reveal their identity and mailing address. Soken Contract Security Audit should review their report on Gnox. Investors believe it a scam.

Sales of tokens that are never released to investors, generate some revenue to be deployed into false claim advertising. Yuxtaposition of randomly chosen established tokens, along with gnox, is obnoxious. Customer refunds are denied as the team prefers to continue paying for lies.

Whitepaper implies that monthly income would be converted from treasury into Gnox and distributed to holders in that token, similar to a buy and burn. Whitepaper doesn't mention any distribution in stablecoins whatsoever. This major issue isn't addressed.

Gnox blocks paying customers who inquire further from audit. Automated scan fail at lowest score at

Smartcontract scan is very worrying to me. Some points can be discussed due the defi system, the renounced ownerschip is something that should have been implentated in early phase. Can Soken alter audit in later stage? Kicking out paying members from info channels is troubling

Gnox blocks channels of communication with its investors, does not send tokens already for, and does not refund any money sent there either. Does unwillingness to reimburse convey insolvency? Users have noticed deficiencies in audits supplied by Soken. Pancakeswap has not confirmed Gnox as liquidity provider.

Soken reports volatile code not properly handled. Two major codes ( swapExactTokensForETHSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens & addLiquidityETH ) have issues that would potentially prevent investors from selling or swapping gnox token on pancakeswap on launch day.

Gnox doesn't have any funds available to reimburse investors who just discovered how pathetic a scam it is. They'd rather recruit further victims for lottery airdrops. Any official representation of top tier coins will strongly warn you against airdrops.

Eric (Pseudonym of Marketing Manager at Gnox) warned that "if a malicious or fraudulent event occurs, V (Pseudonym for CEO) and the rest of the team are screwed. What else can we do?" Sounds like liability concession. How can we get rid of this token?

Expensive propaganda packaged as genuine info: Investing dot com is part of the scam. They could have chosen not to retransmit fake news, they didn't bother verifying. They failed to quote they were broadcasting PAID ADVERTISING for gnox, as clearly noted on dailycoin disclaimer

Nothing is bearproof. Gnox assumes that coercing telegram group users to hold without asking questions will guarantee an ever increasing price. Price of gnox, measured in bitcoin, has actually declined. Investors may choose to sell immediately after launch.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela