Gnox price expectations lowered by no aggregator


No gnox defi aggregator is available as we approach token launch deadline. Are investors scammed? Promise of delivering aggregator was the main reason investors considered this platform. Without it, it would be just another meme coin.

Gnox will continue spending most of their time attempting to prove they are not a scam. They expected a smooth presale. Instead, they have been flooded with communications from Soken, Solidproof, and community auditors.

Independent media articles questioning Gnox marketing practices have been useful. Without them maybe Solidproof would not have been able to force team to modify critical coding in smart contract. Automated audits still show deficiencies.

To protect credibility from investors, utterly wrong developments must be corrected. KYC for Gnox does not exist. Fake ads were posted claiming a false Solidproof KYC. Solidproof only audited, as clearly specified by spokesman Mails Nielsen.

Censorship on gnox community channels remains oppressive. Questions may not be asked. Investors who ask questions get banned, resulting in impossibility to accurately assess how many disatisfied people are now wanting to sell.

Once gnox token is launched, it is recommended to run again automated audits such as token sniffer, and binance chain red alert. Remains to be seen if test scores would improve after tokens are distributed to lawful holders.

Discrepancies between failed automated audits and passed Solidproof audit make a case for establishing industry-wide guidelines, so that automated and live auditors follow similar procedures. Solidproof must comment on gnox further.

Gnox previous narrative of high launching price was forced into moderation. Launch price will be surprisingly low because of nonstop media issues. In particular, KYC controversy remains critical and will have to be solved sooner or later.

Even media-shattered Luna provides accountability on CEO Do Kwon. Gnox remains stubbornly secretive, spending most efforts in justifying excuses for outfashioned anonimity. Who are Vanessa and Eric? They must become reachable.

Gnox team should release defi aggregator before launch. They seem afraid of sellers because they are not putting much liquidity. They want only buys at the beginning to raise liquidity. Presale funds are long gone in advertising expenditures.

Over 1 million dollars have been spent on advertising. $500 per ad post, 20 ads per day, 100 days of nonstop ads. Why would Gnox spend all that money just to rugpull? Why sacrifice community treasury to the benefit of advertising media?

Gnox did not expect that independent media would methodically go over every single one of their ads during the last few months. Every single post of theirs received a reply, thus offering conflicting messages to consumers.

Gnox was expecting to rush the price up quickly so that they would quickly rug pull. Now that investors are more critical than expected, rug pull would have to slow down. Hopefully Gnox will actually deliver innovation promises.

While Gnox was desperate to get certified by anyone, Solidproof intervention was brilliant. They were succesfully provided with code modifications, to solve concerns long known by Soken. We are all making it harder for Gnox to rugpull.

Clear downtrend daily chart of gnox / bitcoin pair. As time by, lower highs and lower lows are printed. Resistance of gnox above 0.00000070 bitcoin looks significant and breakdown from support towards 0.00000050 should not be ruled out.

Utmost anxiety as gnox revisits its short history of intermitent access to website, up and down. Customer tokens are still located there while it's necessary to manually change receiving wallet addresses. Hopefully chaos won't prevail on new launch's eve.

I would look forward to the gnox team to sue me. It is desirable that Vanessa emerges from hiding and Eric proves the years of expertise he boasts. They must renounce anonimity. They must renounce ownership of a community token.

No information is available on the identity of the owners, and they have released no tokens several hours after launching gnox project. My motivation is to seek greater regulation on further presales and have investors reimbursed.

As predicted, gnox flashcrashed. I was able to sell at 0.022 minus 13% slippage. Accounting for previous depreciation of gnox vs bnb (as dollar denominated price is irrelevant in bsc transactions) i booked a meager 6% profit. Current price is below phase 1. Set slippage to 13%

Investors at pending loss must bear additional 13% tax slippage fee to get out of gnox crash. Alternatively, it will tale months or years to regain some momentum. Investigations are being conducted on this questionable behavior. Time and money are lost.

Bought presales 2 and 3. Then conducted own research and concluded scam. Contacted soken and solidproof. Both auditors read my suggestions and conveyed them to gnox. Am glad was able to sell at a profit but am worried for those who are stuck on this trade.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela