Gnox improvisation continues till launch


Tornado Cash developer was arrested in Amsterdam due to money laundering charges. Nick Korn at Soken warns that Gnox is similarly involved in money laundering. Will Novos or Solidproof disclose identity of who do they deal with? Victims need reimbursement.

Empty promises continue to spam worldwide advertising channels. Gnox token holders are only two according to blockchain. Distribution of property purchased by investors fails to materialize. Pasting Gnox contract address on pancakeswap provides no results.

Gnox team depends on no errors to provide an uneventful token launch next week. Customers who requested tests are instructed to just relax. Luna crashed due to an algorithm error. It is a matter of time until Gnox also provokes a comparable critical error.

Gnox defi aggregator was supposed to appear on presale website. It is not ready. Are they expecting to induce new customers to buy a token, based only on advertised self improvement rethoric? No evidence on deliveries suggests truth in doom accusations.

Gnox refuses to notify investors on contract change. Gnox should email all token holders whenever terms of service are affected. Holders must be individually notified to manually change contract address. Failure to update client database is utterly unprofessional.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela