Gnox fails KYC audit by Soken


Soken has received dozens of requests for double-checking Gnox owners and they have made additional investigation of the project. Gnox team cannot meet Soken's new KYC requirements, hence the KYC certificate has been cancelled. Also, the smart contracts contain owner privileged functionality that increase the risk of fraudulent activity.

Community warnings have been ample and are bearing fruit. Soken requests investors who deposited money into gnox, to contact official Soken channels and share with them relevant transaction information, in order to continue this fraud investigation.

We should no longer tolerate media bombarding paid releases where probable scams are placed at same level of well established, reputable tokens. Crypto industry must be regulated by public opinion of consumers. Gnox ads aren't news. Disclaimers must be emphasized.

Incoming crypto laws should prosecute fake news providers who maliciously mislead consumer behavior by carefully choosing faulty words. No analysts are calling for gnox to outperform any alternative. Paid promoters are the ones making such deceiving calls.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela