gnox defi aggregator, beta unreleased


New crypto projects such as Gnox should have already focused on delivering succesful beta product. Upon completion of development, marketers should constantly try to prove they are not a scam. Customers will always dump anything in favor of something else.

Paid promotions from Gnox team emphasize an unreleased defi aggregator, whose beta version isn't available for customers to test it on time for platform launch. Mixture of expected earnings between gnox tokens and stablecoins fails to address exchange rates.

Gnox invited attention due to nonmarket price adjudication. Exacerbated appreciation during phase 1 suddenly shifted to stagnation in dollar terms during phases 2 & 3. Traders who purchased gnox in recent phases, paying with bitcoin, are sitting at a loss.

Aggressive advertising undermines risk awareness. Gnox Investors expect refunds for not having being accurately informed, before sending money away. They're plainly instructed to hold. Mismanagement in various crypto projects conveys extended risk aversion.

Passive income may already be earned through existing staking projects, posing lower levels of risk. Blockchains should decline anonimity, to reduce fear of the unknown. Future crypto projects should supply verifiable details of teams to the wider public.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela