fed hikes must crash all bubbles now


First World economies are learning the excitement of unpredictable third world lifestyles. It has become fashionable to upgrade any prices at a moment's notice. Price stability looks boring and unappealing to career speculators.

Magically marketed cryptocurrency scams offer returns supposed to be higher than inflation. It is late when robbed investors discover, the hard way, that funds are destined to be stolen by hackers, while platforms won't ever take responsibility.

Quantitative easing expanded money supply during the last several years to comical levels. Quantitative tightening must reduce money supply during the next several years to historical levels. Entrenched inflation must be vanquished.

Real interest rates are supposed to be positive, according to macroeconomic theory. A mere 0.75% or 1% hike won't match currently alarming high levels of nominal inflation. Holding money should be rewarded rather than punished.

Persistent hawkinesh will welcome the benefit of crashing speculative markets, which currently offer no tangible value to consumers. Ill made fortunes must be destroyed. This planet's economic efficiency deserves swift action.

Meritocratic central bankers are supposed to act independently from vote seeking politicians. Keeping interest rates lower than inflation is no longer acceptable. Boosted growth bubbles in housing, stocks and crypto will be fun to pop.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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