Digital Fed US Dollars to combat crypto scams


Instead of revealing his identity, Satoshi Nakamoto chooses to dump his bitcoin hoardings in batches. Idiocy of trusting secret pseudonyms to privately steal savings will no longer work. Humans do learn.

People were offered unregistered securities as substitutes for legitimate investments. Hard tactics advertising must be prosecuted, as crypto exchanges and platforms refuse to bail out scammed customers.

Federal Reserve may issue digital dollars, as safe as liabilities from the world's largest central bank. Private stablecoins with questionable balance sheets and uncertain peg rates will no longer be necessary.

Thunderstorm of lawsuits, plaintiff cases and prayers for relief will shake polluted crypto ecosystems during the next few months. Funds must be taken away from criminals and returned to lawful owners.

Bitcoin 5-year chart shows completed head and shoulders bearish pattern. It was never any different than other markets. Tulip mania quietly, relentlessly comes to another end. Anarchy and chaos never prevail.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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