Dialogue detractors: unfit to serve


Official and opposing régimes in Venezuela have established a dialogue, featuring an offer of tangible economic results for petroleum and electrical industries. Prior dialogues were limited to inconsequential political disagreements, of little interest to the electorate.

No matter how much corruption there is, whenever oil production increases, some revenue builds its way downstream. Investment for electrical restoration is necessary so that we complain less frequently about slow internet or light blackouts.

While expectations on dialogue are minimal, United Nations supervised programs have proven beneficial in other countries. Why would they fail? Dialogue detractors do not want anything to improve. They lack creativity in describing known deficiencies at electoral campaigns.

Ms. Machado positions herself as the lone true opposition, seeking pretexts for excluding the rest of us. She has never been adept at dialogue. She prefers the exclusion of divergent criteria. Her partisan organization has not been validated by the National Electoral Council, due to technical issues of non-compliance with adequate submission requirements.

She abounds in xenophobia against Eastern Hemisphere cultures. She was the architect of the collapse of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), in the same way that she now intends to collapse the Unitary Platform. She demanded sanctions and invasion against our homeland.

Any proposal favorable to her dictatorial pretensions will have the strongest repudiation, from a new coalition that is being formed by a diversity of dialogue abiding Venezuelans. We will block her from coming to power, just as she blocks us from reconciliation.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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