Democrats panic ahead of midterms


Inorganic increases of money supply, intended to pay for expansion of federal bureaucracy, result in a U.S. economy similar to third world counterparts. Wasteful government expenditures are financed by obscene 31 trillion dollar issuance of treasury debt securities.

Washington D.C. boasts nation's highest concentration of Masters and PhD holders. Several of them are associated with the federal government and vote solidly blue. All of this overtraining and knowledge hides their lack of profitability in private sector. Resource use is not efficient.

Debt ceiling should be reduced rather than increased. Foreign holders of U.S. debt should reexamine the worth of paying an increased share of U.S. government salaries. American taxpayers should pay for the burden of elected officials, rather than voting for extra debt.

The United States should no longer finance war in Ukraine. Regional European border issues are beyond the American continent. NATO should collect funding for weapons, from countries closer to the conflict. Parabolic defense spending fails most cost-benefit analysis.

Expensive Washington-based Department of State bureaucracy should be deployed into U.S. Embassies in foreign countries. Venezuela hosts an idle Embassy, which could receive U.S. diplomats needed to restore relations between our American hemisphere countries.

Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, diversity voters are not the property of the Democrat Party. Our vote does not automatically belong to abortion inducers who violate our children's right to life. There is no further money available to waste. Federal priorities must be reassessed.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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