Crypto valuations decline as deceived investors sell


While investors endure bans, team disappears. Presale purchasers of Gnox tokens experience a 50% token price decline, less than a month from launch. Any rallies are promptly sold to book as moderate loss as possible.

Gnox is run by Roccox12. Pancakeswap is run by ChefSnowball. Who are they? Where are they from? They take every possible step to hide hacker-friendly, lax security. Victims must gather information to sue criminals.

Tokens available for sale at Pancakeswap behave as securities, but are never advertised as such. Defi users are unlawfully encouraged to deposit assests into unregulated platforms, as designed by hackers and money launderers.

Two million dollars collected during Gnox presales were diverted into false claim advertising. Considering tag of $500 per press release, multiplied by 20 such releases daily, during three months of presales, totals 500 $/ad * 20 ads/day * 100 days = One million $.

Hackers likely related to pancakeswap and gnox stole liquidity pools associated with my wallet. Money launderers corrupted twitter authorities to permanently suspend my profile. Truth being voiced is inconvenient for criminals.

This blog No Temamos al Nuevo Orden is designed to provide conversation opportunities to everyone that has been blocked or banned from official telegram and discord channels. Deceived investors count on legal system to protect our rights.

It is time to act. Enhanced censorship in pancakeswap and gnox communities intends to hide their scam. Investors mistrust refusals of identity disclosure. Securities Exchange Commissions worldwide must thoroughly prosecute anonimity.

Gnox investors must decide on: selling at a loss, or holding in hopium. Prayers for Relief in class action lawsuits seek actual and statutory damages, punitive damages, attorney fees, expenses, costs, and such other and further relief as is just and proper.

Internet is cluttered with attempts to sell unregistered securities whose price depreciation contrasts advertised appreciation. Delinquent ip addresses are hacking law abiding investors. Wallets fail to require holder authorization for dubious transfers.

To reduce reach and magnitude of unpunished scams by unregistered crypto securities, European Central Bank and United States Federal Reserve must accelerate issuance of digital euro and digital dollar.

Cryptocurrencies have already ruined thousands of prey. Exchanges and platforms fail to protect customer wallets. Thefts of consumer funds are uncommon in traditional banking, which provides insurance up to $200,000 per consumer.

Blockchains are excessively fast and lack human supervision. Thieves thrive in programming code that facilitates robbery of funds from lawful wallet holders into coffers of lawless mafia. Central Banks must regain monetary leadership.

Crypto asset tokens should be listed as securities. Teams should be identified to the informational benefit of general public. If crypto ecosystems fail to take measures for prosecuting hackers, consumers will end up selling any depreciating tokens left.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

Fotografía Wilfredo Rafael. 40 Grados Bajo el Sol