BRICS central banking to the rescue from sanctions


Elimination of interim regime in Venezuela is applauded. Four years were mispent by promoting sanctions and emigration. Resentments of diaspora were privileged, to detriment of priorities for Venezuelans residing in our homeland. We demand audit of our assets.

U.S. Department of Treasury may no longer rely on a Venezuelan Interim President to become beneficiary of our country's assets, as the position of Interim Presidency has been extinguished. Normalcy should be restored by removing sanctions against our country.

Bank of England remains determined to keep Venezuela's gold. Those countries are no longer reliable, our assets stuck there seem unrecoverable. In 2023, expansion of the BRICS may introduce an alternative international reserve currency. That is where we must direct energies.

Oppressive economic sanctions are routinely imposed by a handful of countries, aimed to prevent development of the rest of the world. Recent withdrawal and bankruptcy issues in crypto platforms suggest worldwide insolvency, disguised as political retaliation.

Sovereign funds locked at financial system of sanctioning countries must be withdrawn. Legal action at International Court of Justice must be attempted to retrieve our wealth from robbery. Alternative central banking must be made available by BRICS to transfer sanctioned funds.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela