BNB chain red alert on gnox


Suspense continues until last possible moment. Gnox is advertised to launch on Pancakeswap on Thursday August 18 at 16h00 UTC. It is claimed that liquidity pool would be supplied a few minutes before launch, and tokens would be released a few minutes after launch.

Gnox smart contract poses significant risk, according to a scan performed earlier today by BNB Chain's Red Alert system : "The contract contains logical or programming backdoors that are able to drain user funds."

Regarding Gnox, "Contract owner / deployer may perform rugpulls by calling privileged functions, dumping their tokens or migrating the contract. It is not recommended to invest in a rugpull contract since all of the funds can be lost." (BNB Chain's Red Alert)

"Community doesn't understand how to read audit reports. They usually think that audit is already a guarantee that project will not be scammed, but this is not true. As more holders will know, they will make safer investments." (Nick Korn, auditor at Soken Team)

Gnox tokens bought at 0.00000084 bitcoin will be launched at 0.000000068 bitcoin. Sellers may either dump at 19% loss (plus 10% tax) on launch day, or bear additional risk of waiting even more time in the hope of some indetermined appreciation to breakeven.

False ads promoting lies constitute fake news. Publishers should issue apologies or face prosecution. Gnox is not KYCd by Solidproof, they were only audited. Only KYC they hold is from Novos which is based at fake address. Previous KYC from Soken is cancelled.

Coinpedia,, thedailyretina, neverge, coinxhigh, stop misleading articles. Please inform your audience that KYC-related articles of your property promote false claims. Please strive for accuracy., coinjupiter should be shut down by its hosting provider, they fail to provide a valid contact link to upload comments on their fake KYC-related articles. Cryptocurrency ecosystems deserve stiffer regulation.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela