Blockchains must comply with reversion requests


Blockchain promoters intend to force this planet's population to migrate our earnings into unregistered platforms. We should always refrain from connecting our safety into money laundering algorithms unwilling to comply with applicable law.

Why would more people enter cryptocurrencies? A significant percentage of crypto investors are now consumed in highly complex legal battles, with the expectation that the rule of law will prevail. Unregistered crypto platforms must return stolen funds.

Why would fiat currency fail? World's central bankers seem determined to stabilize or reduce money supply as needed to fight inflation. Why would people massively engage in risky cryptocurrency deposits, uninsured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation?

Why would people be encouraged to risk their funds for lending and borrowing in high volatility crypto? As ponzi schemes are detected, unregistered assets decline in value. Most loans result in either automatic liquidation of collateral, or insolvency of platforms.

Due to blockchain transparency, victims of fraud are often entertained with anonymous transactions details, while denied their right to request reversion of unauthorized transactions. Platforms must be made accountable for facilitating users' loss of funds.

Anonimity should not be tolerated. Consumers should count on full identity disclosure of blockchain token promoters, and anyone pretending to manage our funds. High speed fraudulent transactions are followed by slow, multi-year legal procedures for fund recovery.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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