Bitcoin como divisa de curso legal en El Salvador y Paraguay


We will gladly wait to buy bitcoin at bottom. We don't want it to bottom yet, it is still too expensive and speculative. We want it dirt cheap so that plebs may own it. We want bitcoin to become legal tender around the planet so that central banks no longer control money supply.

Let Latin America prove to the world that bitcoin does have a future. Since the arrogant first world looks down on us, let their fud continue. El Salvador and most other countries need as many bitcoin shorts as possible so that this bear market goes as low as it can.

Everything is working out to perfection. Boomers remain in disbelief! Bukele has been by far one of the most innovative presidents in the planet. His speech is a bright development for an otherwise boring Miami conference. Bitcoin will become legal tender in El Salvador.

Businesses already quote prices in btc. They lower and increase them as they see fit. Being in Venezuelan hyperinflation we learned long ago how to do it as many times a day as necessary.

It will also be a decade long process to have other countries follow example from El Salvador. No one is expecting immediate change. However this news may trigger an end to the two month btc downward correction.

El Salvador is getting prepared to offer immediate permanent residence to crypto investors. Latin Dubai, Brunei or Singapore? Will Bukele succeed in ending fud? That would educate those insisting that first world speculation is more important than third world development.

Citizens of countries who start using bitcoin as legal tender will eventually be beneficiaries of those who eagerly dump. Most of remaining countries in Latin America will follow suit, after El Salvador and Paraguay. This is an extremely bullish scenario.

El Salvador and Paraguay are countries with which Venezuela has little international trade even though we have similar cultures. Perhaps bitcoin continent will transform us in a confederacy as succesful as than European Union.

Bitcoin will moon once we get a few additional latin american countries into the legal tender movement. Bitcoin will be accepted as full status forex currency by United Nations and International Monetary Fund.

El Salvador and Paraguay bitcoin adoption as legal tender news are supportive, there has been no lower low on bitcoin since Bukele made the announcement. Venezuela is not in yet, but our time will also come.

Rubén Rivero Capriles

Caracas, Venezuela

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