Babymusk hacker Watch Alert


Babymusk deployer is not extinct. Its address continues performing suspicious transactions on pancakeswap. It just reappeared, after being silent the last few weeks, to move trillions of low liquidity tokens.

0x285e5c69d4a3226ac305578fb81ec3808926eef4 seems a hacker address on behalf of underwater projects or exchanges. It uses pancakeswap to drain selected victims whenever there is a cash flow urgency.

As bitcoin dropped this week, insolvent fraudsters wish to easily provide for margin calls. Hacked users have reported unauthorized activity, multiple times, from 0x285e5c69d4a3226ac305578fb81ec3808926eef4

Why is this wallet still allowed to perform transactions? Why are there no security features available on pancakeswap to prevent further fraud? Blockchain promoters are unwilling to fight theft. They must revert unlawful transactions.

This recent activity is proof that the wallet which recently hacked me, having hacked others before, continues hacking others now. Everything happens in the pancakeswap platform, with blessing from unidentified @ChefSnowball.

Hyperinflationary Babymusk tokens are supposed to be dead, but they are still able to move in batches of trillions. Despite all warnings that this wallet performs malicious activity, blockchain owners take no action against it.

Crypto is supposed to preserve value of customers funds. Bitcoin has become hyperinflationary. Prices expressed in that cryptocurrency need frequent increases, in satoshis, so as not to bankrupt goods and service suppliers.

Bitcoin has nothing to envy to the currencies of any banana republic. International recession suggests sustained declines over the next few months until reaching a stable floor at levels significantly lower than the real price of $19,300.

Consumers will ditch sollicitations from projects devoted to trash accountability. Digital dollar and digital euro will earn a significant share of cryptocurrency market, given the greater legal certainty that they will guarantee.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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