Auditing wrong gnox contract address


Gnox performed changes for contract address 0x63F... to earn compliance from Solidproof. Long ago, Soken also recommended implementing changes. It took several weeks of relentless warnings for Gnox to concede. Audit of new contract address 0x132... is unavailable.

Ownership remains unrenounced. Contract address remains unlisted on gnox website. An existing certificate of compliance for an old contract address is different than a non existing full audit for a new contract address. Which contract address is being audited?

Gnox team remains unknown. Investors are supplied with no information on who acts as custodian of their funds. Team remains under investigation. Marketing remains abundant in hyperbolic return on investment claims. Questions remain banned on gnox platforms.

Most questions and issues on gnox remain unanswered. Auditors emphasize that their documents do not provide investment advice. Ample investor time has been spent discovering gnox financial, technological and legal inconsistencies. Selling remains impossible.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela