Abortion as murder uniting major religions


Democrat candidates rely on murdering unborn children to maintain slim majorities in Congress. Such major religions as Judaism, Christianity and Islam dismiss their rivalry, as survival of human species is compromised by parents willing to kill their own siblings.

Humans used to be a species concerned about our growth. Nowadays we concentrate on facilitating our extinction. We promote a round-the-clock entertainment culture of pornography and careless sex lives. Our offspring are killed as a consequence of irresponsability.

Major religions have been bashed during several decades. Profit-seeking boomers developed industries of lust designed to criminalize faith, succesfully recruiting increasing percentages of gens x, millenials and zillenials into their abortion cult. Backlash to decency seems inevitable.

United States Supreme Court recently upheld the right to life as the most fundamental human right, overruling a few decades worth of abherrations encouraging legal murder. This central theme of species survival has the potential of fostering cooperation among major religions.

Advertising has rendered fashionable for young males to choose a transgender way of life and become females. Do these males expect to become pregnant in order to seek an abortion? Women's role in any species is to deliver offspring. Men are not equipped for that task.

Abortionism attempts to justify murder, preventing households from forming their families. Most observers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam explicitly condemn murder of unborn human beings. Interfaith rivalries must abate to ensure procreation, for the sake of our species.

Rubén Rivero

Caracas, Venezuela

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